Wrinkle paint

Wrinkle paint

Wrinkle paint creates an omogeneus and elegant, creased fabric effect.

Our quality is well known and we are supplier of the most important brand of sport car made in Italy, used for the cover of the engines.

Giving a fine textured finish and a higher strength to surfaces, the wrinkle paint is being used in various painting projects for many years. At the beginning it was applied on car dashboards, restoration of old cars and on top of the range cars. In the eighties, it was a must in the production of cameras. Nowadays the wrinkle paint is composed by resins that allow more control over the balance between color and gloss.

This new fine paint effect is then applied in objects of design such as lamps, eyewear, handles, household goods, furniture accessories and bathroom furniture, watches, jewellery, technical articles, etc .

Elegant textured finish

Wrinkle paint gives an elegant texture to the treated surfaces. Thourgh this effect you can get unique and attractive surfaces, with a pleasant tactile sensation.

Wrinkle paint has been successfully used in the nautical industry for both customized and standard installations. We advice this special paint if you want an elegant equipment with non-slip properties.

Being resistant to gasoline and to bad weather conditions, the Cromas wrinkle paint is commonly applied to customize and to restore old cars and motorcycles details.
Thanks to the evolution of technology and the studies lead in our R&D laboratories, Cromas can provide a wide range of colors with successful results, without any need of a final colored coat. Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.

Wrinkle paint application and drying process

Successful results of this finish can be achieved through an airbrush, mixed air plant or pump. The wrinkle effect can be obtained through spray application since this technique can guarantee homogeneity.

We advice application through spray nozzles with pressure range 1,8-2,5 mm to 3-4 Atm. That prevents dilution of paint. In order to reach the visible wrinkle effect asked by the most of clients, we recommend an application thickness of 300 microns wet.

After a drying time of about 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to proceed with a desiccation process of the surface at 80°C for 60-90 minutes. At this step, the painted artifact will reach the desired wrinkle effect.

Recommended cooking temperature: 80°C. Lower temperatures can’t provide homogeneity on series production while it could be a good solution for private users.
Would you please notice that after this step, objects are ready for use and you can get products to market. Please allow other 15-20 days before you proceed with tests of strength since objects treated with the wrinkle effect paint need some time to achieve a complete crosslinking, due to the high thickness of paint applied.

We recommend maximum attention at the time of application of this special paint to avoid any dripping and other imperfections, especially on small objects or surfaces with accentuated corners.

General technical information about Cromas wrinkle paint

Wrinkle paint must be desiccated in oven at 80°C since a natural drying process is not enough to achieve best results. Desiccation at room temperature achieves a smooth surface without wrinkles. Lower temperatures of desiccation lead to intermediate results and can’t be adoped on industrial production.

Even if the most requested color is black, we can provide a wide range of colours of wrinkle paint.

The desired result will be achieved on perfectly clean surfaces, without any paint residue.
• Application on metal: make sure that polished metals materials have been sanded before the application of wrinkle paint.
• Application on plastic: we advice priming plastic materials to ensure better adhesion of paint to the surface. Minimum melting temperature required: 80°C.

Industrial applications with oven at higher temperatures range – 130-150°C – : it is important to leave the painted material at 80°C for a certain period before proceeding to bake it at higher temperatures.

Wrinkle paint is availble for purchase from private buyers with a good command of spray application method, the only technique that can avoid paint drips.
Only solvent based paint is available.

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