Smoked metal paint

Smoked metal paint

Smoked and burnished finish giving industrial and hand craft products the visual aspect of antique and burnished metal.

Any surface can change look and texture through this special materic finish of burnished metal. Hues of burned metal embellish any product and give a new visual appearance and a new texture that can be perceived to the touch.

The antique metal finish gives a particular decorative character to vintage industrial style environments. In interior design context it enriches all furniture and accessories with an antiqued metal finish thanks to the painting of our burnished metal effect paint.

Metal surfaces can achieve a natural antiqued looking as they were left to bad weather conditions or as if they had a galvanic treatment that purposely transformed their color and texture. All those steps can be avoided through the use of our smoke metal effect: it will be possible to finish any product in an easy way through our paint, adding metallic shades and giving the visual appearance of burnished metal or of a material that had a chemical acid treatment.

Transforming the material of a surface is the fulcrum of our materic paints: it allows a surface to totally change its look and tactile sensation.

A realistic visual effect achieved from a special smoked metal finish formula designed in our Research and Development Laboratory. The result is a easy to handle and to apply paint, by following some best practice advice provided below.

There are different color tones featuring metallic brightness or “burned” style:

  • burnished steel paint
  • brass burnished paint
  • bronze burnished paint

Application of smoked metal paint

Burned metal finish can be applied to many kind of industrial and hand craft products through the use of a primer with the aim to completely change their visual appearance. Surprisingly, they will get the visual aspect of galvanized or antiqued bronze, brass, steel: Suitable for:

  • internal and external surfaces: it is advisable to use antique metal paint on different materials, furniture, accessories
  • the paint has been formulated for application through airbrush or mixed air pomp

A video tutorial has been created to show the application in each step:

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