Video tutorial of the “Vintage Metal” pain effect. This is painting process that allo to obtain an unique aged and delabrè surface, with all the shinings of the metal under a aging patina. We invite you to see the page of the product.


We supply paints and resins for professional and industrial use, satisfying the requests of architects, designers, designers and operators to give new life to materials and surfaces.

Our Research and Development Laboratory has always supported us and our experience in the production of professional paints and epoxy resins that embrace countless categories, effects and sectors of use is based on it.

Many possibilities:

– interior design & furnishings
– Contract
– boating
– automotive
– casting and decorative epoxy resins

Few limits:

– metal
– plastic
– wood

Special paints

Special high-tech paints with visual effects suitable for any context.
Satisfactory in every situation, both those in which safety has priority and those in which you want to achieve aesthetic results of a certain level of elegance and functionality.

Material Paints & Epoxy Resins

Paints with a textured effect, ensure an aesthetically pleasing sensory experience. They do not stop transforming the visual effects of the surfaces, but they add new materiality, achieving results that welcome the requests of our partners and a constantly evolving market. The use of our Materic Paints with our Epoxy resins, for casting, transparent or 3D modelling bring to new and unexpected results.

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Technical paints

Here, functionality is the watchword.
Developed for environments where protection, stability or on the contrary flexibility is required.
The possibilities are innumerable.
High-tech paints, to achieve top-of-the-range results in various artisan and industrial projects.

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Explore our collections

Our collections will confirm the trust of those who have always seen in us an ideal partner to develop innovative and interesting projects.

It will pleasantly surprise those who do not yet know us, providing functional paints to coat and embellish every surface.

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Meet Cromas

We will be the active support that will give that extra aesthetic and functional touch you were looking for for the improvement of your next project.
Give value to your innovations with our unique finishes.
Give matter to your ideas through our professional solutions.

Paints for professional and craft use
Paints designed and made in Italy
Reproducible results for mass production

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