Verdigris paint kit

Verdigris effect paint

Metallic paint with materic effect and real chemical oxidation of copper

This is an exclusive finish that achieves a real verdigris effect for a great visual effect and tactile sensation. The stabilized particles of copper that are mixed in the paint, get chemically oxidized once they are spread onto the surface.

Verdigris stains alternate with non oxidized metal and give an captivating visual effect. Any surface becomes unique and achieves an exclusive look, just like it happens to metallic materials naturally exposed to the weather conditions for years. Unlike other paints with oxidized metal effects developed by Cromas, the verdigris paint can be applied to series production because its visual effect can be reproduced. Suitable for the realization of combined surfaces.

We recommend application by airbrush or mixed air pomp. Once cured, the surface must be sanded and then the oxidating solution can be applied. A few minutes after the application, the surface gets quickly oxidized. The solution achieves the same effect as the manufact was exposed to unfavourable weather conditions for years. Higher resistance is provided by a fixing transparent coat and an opaque finish. Verdigris paint effect is suitable for internal surfaces.

The final appearance of oxidation depends on the number of layers of oxidized solution applied, on the weather conditions at the time of application and according to personal taste and needs. Application on horizontal surfaces achieve a very oxidized effect. While on vertical surfaces it can be achieved the popular washout aspect. Because oxidation is subject to many variables, we suggest to make some testing before products are actually finished.

The verdigris effect can be applied with the use of a primer to:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminiu, brass, etc…)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

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