Elastomeric flexible paint

Elastomeric flexible paint

Cromas’ elastic paint was born for any particular need of a finish that stands bending and twisting and that at the same time has an aesthetic function. For this reason, a range of color has been realized, including metallic, fluorescent and glitter finishes, that are shiny or matte, that have a non-slip grip and a soft-touch, colored and transparent primers, shiny or matte non yellowing finishes for the outdoors.

The range of products include:

  • Transparent and colored primers
  • Colored, metallic and fluorescent finishes
  • Shiny, matte or satin transparents
  • Soft-touch (gummy soft touch) and grip (non-slip) transparents

A brief video has been made to show the properties and the application of these products:

The products proposed are elastomeric polyurethane resins-based solvents, two-components for professional spray applications, the surfaces treated with these paints show high resistance obtained by the combination of hydroxylated resins with aliphatic isocyanates. When the treated surface is twisted or bent, the paint doesn’t suffer cracks and doesn’t chip. The whole proposed range is applicable on polyurethane, PVC and natural rubber. It’s always recommended an adhesion test, since these materials are often made with blends. The product is suitable for painting flexible polyurethane, elastic PVC, soles, shoes, leather, leather goods, eco-leather, handbags and fashion items in plastic materials.

To be noticed that, as it happens for every other paint, these can’t be applied on silicone even if it has been washed with special anti-silicon detergents.

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