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Rusty shades metallic paint

Rust metal effect paint

From our range of oxidized metal effect paint, the appearance of rust metal on the surfaces

It is possible to achieve the charm of the oxidized metal and the shades of rust of plates, on any kind of surface, through the rusty metal effect paint implemented in our Research and Development Laboratory with the aim to constantly provide the best professional painting solutions for industry and hand-craft, for interior and contract design, for automotive accessories and other sectors. Cromas rusty metal finish features reddish and orange shades of color that immediately recall the impactful visual effect of rust, as a rusty iron or a metal rusted by weather. A style becoming more and more charming to design tasteful internal environments and decorate modern style contexts. Being so realistic, this rust effect is deceiving since it makes materials look as really rusted. The tactile sensation clarifies any doubt and brings back to the reality of a product that has taken a fake oxidizing process. Amazingly, the material is not really rusted while it gives the impression to be so. Any surface can achieve a faux rust effect and a rust hue.

Application of rusty metal paint

The Cromas rust metallic paint gives a faux rust finish to any kind of material. It can be applied through the use of a primer and transforms the visual look of various surfaces and materials:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • metal Suitable for:
  • Internal and external surfaces: this rust color finish can be applied to a wide range of materials, furniture and accessories placed either indoor or outdoor.
  • Spray technique: coating this paint through airbrush can reach best visual effects

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