three dimensional epoxy resin

Epoxy resin for three-dimensional textures and decorations

Special product that can be textured and painted, resin suitable for vertical applications

A special resin developed for designers and crafts people to make textured three-dimensional decorations on many horizontal or vertical surfaces. This unique product makes it possible to create any type of pattern and then paint the surface with Cromas Special Effect Paints to create an amazing textured three-dimensional surface.

This resin is an ideal material for tables and for MDF panels. The resin is easily applied with a trowel (spatula) or another tool to evenly distribute the material in the desired design. The applicator does not need to be highly skilled to do this work. This resin can be used for commercial productions that need to be replicated and industrialised, while maintaining a unique and one of a kind appearance. These techniques are also suitable for curved surfaces.

The textured designs made with this resin can also be covered with our crystal clear epoxy resins. The combination of a three-dimensional surface with the glaze effect from the transparent resin creates a high gloss shine and gives depth to the finished piece. This combination is an ideal solution for designers and the commercial mass production of various products. The recommended transparent resin is our low thickness epoxy casting resin.

The textured decorations can be created in many ways. For example, you can use various regular or decortive trowels, decorative rollers, and other tools. The finished decorations will have a three-dimensional appearance with a thickness of about 1-2mm. However, it is possible to apply the resin in thicker layers. Because the Thixotropic formulation contains 100% solids content – and does not contain volatile material (no VOC) – the design will keep is shape during drying with no loss of volume.

This resin transforms surfaces into an elegant and unique design that can be finished in any colour or paint effect and with a matt or gloss topcoat. We suggest the combination of a textured resin with our Special Effect Paints. This will give the surface a one of a kind finish that can be replicated for commercial production. A person is only limited by ones imagination to create anything:

  • Crocodile Leather Effects
  • Wood Effect
  • Waves And Sand Dunes Effect
  • Circular Effects
  • Crossing Patterns

In our research, we have tested many of our Special Effect Paints to understand how they look on the patterened surface. Here are a few paints effects:

  • Metallic Gold, Brass, and Bronze
  • Steel Effect Metallic Paints
  • Brushed Metal Effects
  • Antique and Burnished Metal Effects
  • Concrete Paint
  • Chrome Paint
  • Oxidized Metal Effect and Fake Oxidized Metal Effect
  • Fabric Effect Paint

Technical information on three-dimensional epoxy resin

Like any epoxy resins with a high solids content, this is a two-component product with a pot-life of about 50 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature and weight of the mixed product.

Once applied on the surface, the product can be shaped and re-shpaed to create the desired effect.

Once the resin has dried in about 1 to 2 days depending on the room temperature and thickness, the surface is white in colour and very hard. Now the applicator can make any changes to the surface including: sanding and polishing, cutting, drilling, and milling. These are the types of modifications that are typical in the commercial manufacturing and furniture businesses.

When the resin is hard, it is a compression-resistant and shear-resistant surface with a glossy look. It is suggested that you paint the surface within 36-48 hours after application. If you are painting at a later time, it is necessary to sand the surface and/or apply a primer.

The application of the resin is not limited to wood and MDF/HDF substrates, but you can use many other materials including metal. But metal requires a primer first.

Indoor and outdoor surfaces

Surfaces created with this three-dimensional textured epoxy resin are suitable for indoor and outdoor use after painting. In fact, this product was developed to be painted.

For indoor use, we suggest to paint with interior paints. When you paint the surfaces, it is important to keep in mind that the resin is a low-yellowing resin. It is an epoxy resin, so a light coloured surface may become a little yellow after some time.

For outdoor use, we suggest to apply a suitable primer for the surface and use exterior resistant finishes. If the substrate is metal, we suggest to apply an anti-corrosive primer on on metal. Due to the thickness of the resin compared to sprayed paints, we recommend avoiding excessive temperature changes for pieces outdoors.

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