Phosphorescent epoxy casting resin. For professional use

Phosphorescent epoxy casting resin. For professional use

Casting resin that glows in the dark, it reflects the absorbed light.

This casting resin has been developed for any application where a higher light emission from Phosphorescent paints is required.

It comes in two colours: YELLOW-GREEN and BLUE. These two colours release the greatest amount of light and for the longest time.

The light is visible for a long time, depending on the amount of light absorbed by the material. The Letters shown in the photographs remain visible in a dark room for a few hours, provided that the person looking at them have become accustomed to the darkness.

If used with a low thickness resin, the maximum effect is achieved with a white background while the light effect is completely absent on black background. Coloured backgrounds affect the tonality of the release and also decrease the light emmitted.

The main characteristics of the Cromas Phosphorescent resin are:

  • High concentration of Phosphorescent pigments
  • High viscosity that prevents pigment sedimentation on the bottom. A typical problem that occurs when Phosphorescent powder is mixed directly into the resin before casting
  • Once the castings of this resin is dried, it shows an even distribution of the pigment throughout the entire thickness
  • The high thickness of the resin compared to sprayed Phosphorescent paints allows for longer duration of light emission
  • Since the base is a casting resin, casting in molds or cavities, such as in wood is possible
  • Due to the high viscosity of the resin, it can also be applied on vertical surfaces, including walls, by applying layers using a spatula
  • This product is not suitable for outdoor use. If an outdoor resin is required, contact the office for more information
  • When the resin is dry in castings or cavities, the product has a white-opalescent appearance. When applied with a spatula in thin layers, it is almost transparent

Finally, it should be noted that Phosphorescent pigments are not like a lamps, they cannot replace LED lamps. They do not have the ability to charge during the day and release light throughout the night. Pigments lose their brightening power at twilight.

This material is solvent free, so it has practically no VOC. And after hardening, it shows no loss of volume or shrinkage.

As with all epoxy resins, if the thicknesses is greater than 4 mm or the mass is greater than 1 kg, it is necessary to evaluate the mass effect.

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