Chrome paint


Chrome effect paint

Now it’s possible to paint with a truly chromium effect the desired surface with an high resistance.

Crono is a chromium varnish that allows to have a very realistic chromizing effect. It is applied with a simple cycle that allows to have of the optimal resistances to cleaning.

Is a paint for an ecological chromizing, without the use of heavy metals and galvanic bathes toxic for the environment.

Applicable on iron, aluminium, brass, steel, bakelite and phenolic resins.

Is the only coating cycle available on the market that don’t use demineralized water cleaning.

The colours displayed are only indicative and can vary from the original. To see the original aspect contact us and we will show you the original.

This effect can be applyed with a suitable primer if required on:

  • wood or MDF
  • metals (iron, aluminium, brass, etc…)
  • bakelite and phenolic resins
  • glass (back-coated for the mirror effect)

The coating cycle is reported in our technical data sheet, if you are interested ask us at or with our contact form

Thanks to an innovative new additive is possible to apply on wood with a loop from the perfect result:

In order to allow the evaluation of the product a kit for small surfaces is available under request.

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