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Chrome effect paint

Chrome paint, a silver-chrome finish with mirror effect

The paint cycle gives a realistic chrome effect to supports. After a long research and development, and thanks to our direct experience in this field, we have realized a brand new version of the chrome paint with silver-chrome effect. This new formulation achieves surfaces with an increased metallic aspect. By using specific clear finishes and primers, the paint can be applied to several types of surfaces and supports.

Chrome paint achieves a very realistic effect and adds durability to the surfaces

This is a solvent-based paint cycle. It is recommended to apply the silver-chrome paint with airbrush (1,2 to 1,8 mm nozzles). By applying stabilized clear colored finishes, the manufact can get the effect of metallic gold, copper, dark chrome, etc..

After the application, the manufact can be dried at room temperature or cured in the oven. The paint gives a brillant chrome or silver-chrome look to wood, to MDF or to other materials usually employed in furnishing.

The metallic aspect and mirror effect is more evident on curved surfaces rather than flat ones. The same goes for any metal plates, sheets and metallic materials because of the natural refraction and reflection of light.

The paint cycle can achieve the mirror effect if structured as follows:

  • a dark glossy basecoat
  • the Crono chrome paint
  • a fixing solution
  • a clear protective layer

Unlike other chrome paint on the market, our protective layer has been studied to not change the chrome effect. What is more, it adds further durability to the surface. If professional users employ our recommended products, the chrome finish will feature a brillant and metallic aspect. It will look as an aluminium paint.

The chrome effect is a good option to finish a wide range of materials:

  • wood
  • iron
  • aluminum
  • brass
  • steel
  • bakelite
  • phenolic resins

The silver-chrome finish with mirror effect is suitable for a great variety of supports and industrial sectors:

  • motorcycle helmets, bicycles and skis
  • furniture and wood panels, MDF and HDF (especially for legs and the edges)
  • displays
  • furniture handles
  • cars and car rims renovations
  • electronic instruments and lamps etc…

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