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Metallic Gold Paint

Unique metallic gold finishing

 Gold has always been one of the most precious metals and a very popular finishing for details in some industries. At Cromas, we are specialized in metallic paints and we want to show you our finishing products, that best portray this metal, in its different applications.

The paints that best represent gold in aspect, color and metallicity are:


As the name recalls, it’s a strong but not too bright gold, with golden reflections, never eccessive, suitable for pairing with a wide range of colors. It’s a gold born from the colors of the “nordic” light, which make it stand out with their cold reflections, showing its precious nature.

This finishing product is suitable for large or small surfaces, it allows to always obtain an homogeneous color and it’s perfect to match with other brushworks. Application is simple, made directly on an appropriate white surface.

Its native form is metallic without resulting shiny or matte. For exterior use, it’s necessary to cover it with shiny transparent (like SV337AC05) or matte transparent (like SV056AG02). The matte finishing is more popular, for it preserves the texture of the surface.


Warm and sunny gold finishing. It recalls images of golden magical cities and their reflections under a warm pleasant sun. It’s a true and shameless gold, not ordinary, that requires the attention that only the most precious metal can ask for. It’s one of the most popular colors among our clients, especially for productions destined for certain markets. This color was made after a research for the right raw materials that would give this level of metallicity. As the other color of the series “Shiny Metals” is suitable for small and wide surfaces. It’s applied directly on white, preferably on ALLGRIP WHITE. It can be applied on outdoor surfaces too, following application of transparent acrylic, such as SV337AC05 SHINY TRASPARENT e SV056AG02 MATTE TRASPARENT.

The application of the abovementioned gold paints is shown in this simple video:


Gold chrome paint is a must for an excellent golden effect, as long as you are willing to make a few more steps in the process. The result is an homogeneous golden surface, a profound looking color, proper of the metal.

It’s especially suitable for small surfaces, that you can dry in an oven, with better quality and reproducible results. The application of this finishing on metal tubes gives results closer to the ones obtained with a galvanic treatment, with unique golden effects.

On very large surfaces, the chrome golden effect faces the same challanges of the colored transparents, that present a bigger risk of lacking homogeneity and are therefore advised against when paired with other surfaces. Apply a blocking yellow transparent and finally a protective transparent.

The painting steps include, in sequence: shiny black primer, chrome paint, blocking yellow transparent and protective transparent.

The application of the gold effect paint is presented in this brief video. We also suggest to visit the page dedicated to chrome paint

Gold epoxy paint

The attraction between gold paint and resin finds its natural pairing with three-dimensional resin, which makes possible the creation of plastic forms that blend three-dimensionality and metallicity, with unique results in terms of style and desing. To deepen the subject, we invite you to visit the page about three-dimensional resin.

Choose the most suitable gold paint

The choice of a golden effect paint must be based on the following features:

  • Surface to treat, internal or external
  • Resistance needed at the end: cleanliness, UV radiations
  • Dimension of the surface to paint and close surfaces, such as decorative panels, shutters or drawers
  • Painting complexity

When choosing the most suitable product, it can be useful to speak to Cromas technicians, who will be able to suggest the best finishing for your application.

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