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Antique brass effect paint

A metallic texture paint with real oxidation of copper over brass

This exclusive real antiqued brass effect achieves an impactful visual and tactile sensation. After the paint is applied, the oxidation process starts directly onto the surface because stabilized particles of brass are mixed in this formulation.

The paint produces a green patina because the brass is composed by copper and zinc alloy. The zinc element get oxidized and leaves shades of verdigris, just like any material made of metal.

The achieved effect is impressive: stains of verdigris alternate to non-oxidized metallic brass. The antique brass effect paint help to realize unique and uncomparable surfaces. The color and texture generated onto the surface are so varied that it seems to be looking at a metallic material exposed to bad weather conditions for many years. Compared to the other effects of our collection of “oxidized metals”, the antiqued brass effect gives the possibility to reproduce the same effect in series production. The effect is suitable for surfaces to be matched.

The recommended application method is airbrush or mixed air pump. The needed time for the treatment is a few hours. By applying this finish it will be achieved what weather action does after a long exposition: a fully oxidized surface. It is advised to end the treatment with a clear finish with the aim to block the effect. A layer of opaque finish will make the manufact more durable. The antique brass effect gives successful results on surfaces placed indoor.

The oxidized effect will be less or more strong depending on the number of hands of oxidizing paint given, on the environmental factors and according to the users’ needs. The maximum oxidizing effect can be achieved on horizontal surfaces. The application on vertical bland surfaces achieves the popular washout effect.
To test and adjust the amount of oxidation, we advise to do some testing before the paint is applied in the productive process.

The brass effect with real oxidation can be applied with a primer to:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, alluminium, brass etc..)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC etc)

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