oxidized copper paint

Antique copper paint effect

Textured paint with colors of real chemically oxidized copper and iron

This exclusive finish features an eye-catching visual and tactile effect with appearance of oxidized metal: flakes of miniaturized copper and iron are stabilized and mixed in the paint. They get oxidized soon after they are applied to the support.

The final look is amazing: stains of verdigris and rust alternate with a few stains of non-oxidized metal. Just like those metals abandoned and exposed to the erosive action of weather for years, the treated surface becomes unique and of unmatched beauty. At first sight, the effect is so varied that it gives the impression of an orography or an artistic work.

The antique copper effect paint has been developed for applications with airbrush or mixed pump air. After drying, the surface can be superficially sanded (with a sandpaper grit size from 800 to 1000). In a few hours the product gets oxidized as it was exposed to extreme weather conditions for years. As a final step, the working process of the oxidized copper can be fixed with a hand of clear finish and a further matt finish. This treatment achieves a surface with good resistance. Surfaces painted with antiqued copper effect are suitable for an internal environment.

The number of layers applied, the working environment and the specific needs of the manufacturers will influence the oxidizing effect. A more evident oxidized effect is achieved on horizontal surfaces. While vertical surfaces are enriched with a washout effect requested by most customers.

We advice against using the product on surfaces to be combined with others. Pre-production testing are recommended.

The oxidized copper effect can be applied with a primer to:

This effect can be applyed with a suitable primer if required on:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc…)
  • plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

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