crackle paint

Crackle paint

The crackle paint forms cracks on the surface and creates a fine crackled leather or aged leather effect

The crackle paint creates a wonderful visual effect and a unique tactile sensation. The paint produce the aged leather effect usually applied on furniture. Color patterns are available but tone on tone application are very elegant and modern.

The professional crackle paint has been specifically formulated by Cromas for furnishing and interior design. Unlike crackle finishes for private users, this product assures professional performance and is suitable for industrial use.
The paint can be dried at room temperature or cured in the oven.

This a solvent-based product. We have developed an acrylic version, too, that prevents yellowing. The crackle effect can be reached through the application of a colored basecoat that allows cracks, and a colored crackle base.
As a final step of the paint cycle we advise to apply a protective layer to fix the effect.

Unlike products targeted for DIY curstomers or decoupage, our crackle paint is adressed to a professional use. Then, our professional paint allows to reproduce the crackled leather effect on various supports, which makes it suitable for series production.

To realize surfaces to be matched, it is advised to run pre-production testing.
The crackle paint is usually available in a two-compound formulation (a colored crackling base and a colored base) of different colors in order to create some contrast.

If the same color is chosen for the two compounds of the paint, the result will be a very fine and original crackled leather effect.

All RAL colors and some metallic shades are available. To learn more about the colors that can be used please contact our technical staff.

The cracks of crackle paint can be formed on any material with the use of a primer:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc…)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

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