Crackle paint

Crackle paint

Crackle paint

Create wonderful cracked paint effect and aged leather effect through our crackle paint.

The crackle paint creates a wonderful visual effect and a tactile sensation very close to the aged leather applied on furniture from interior designers. You can choose various crackle paint colors combinations.

Discover the Cromas crackle paint

This is a professional paint that truly shapes cracks on a surface. It is an acrylic non-yellowing product, very different from what you can see on the market. Crackle paint can be achieved either through the use of drying in oven or through room temperature drying.
The Cromas crackle paint is a solvent-based product. It is composed by a colored coat indicated to shape cracks, a colored crackle coat, and a final clear coat (50 Gloss, semi-matt is recommended).
Through the Cromas professional crackle paint you are free to shape and customize the cracked paint effect. Then, you can produce many products with similar finish and visual effect, that can be combined and matched for your clients.
In order to obtain reproducible results are very important:

  • time of overcoating between the base and the cracklé
  • quantity of base and cracklè
  • room temperature and airflow

Crakle paint colors combination

Our standard crackle paint is available in two contrasting colors used as a base. For example white or cream white crackles on black or red background.
Please contact our technical department for advice about other color combinations. You can obtain cracks and background of any color you wish. Metallic colors are also available.

A modern solution to shape cracks and achieve a great crackle effect finish

The Cromas R&D laboratory has developped a new trendy version of this aged leather effect paint. Once used only for Country and Provencal interior design style decorations, you can now achieve good-looking and modern solutions through the application of the same color for background and cracks finish.

Crakle paint for professional use and reproducible results

As you can see, you can achieve extraordinary aesthetical results through the application of Cromas crackle paint, that allows to create beautiful and wide cracks opening. We can guarantee eye-catching and reproducible results through a proper application and desiccation process adjustment.

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