Special paints

Special paints

Through the Cromas special paints, you can give new features and visual appearance to surfaces and materials.

Both artisanal and industrial production need traditional materials or materials that can be handled through the production cycle in use, in order to achieve a specific visual appearance and tactile sensation. The use of our special paints can accelerate the production process since they allow to add finishes that make the materials treated very different in a short time. Furthermore, final results are reproducible.

The Cromas R&D laboratory developped numerous finishes solutions for industries, designers and planners. Our special paints are composed by high quality raw materials and – where possible – by natural elements.

Special paint effects

Please find below a list of the available special paint effects:

Phosphorescent paint
Our phosphorescent paint provides the maximum emission of light in the dark. Different colors of this paint are available. Being composed by professional pigments, our phosphorescent paint has a long-lasting photoluminescence. We can guarantee high levels of aesthetic and technical performance. Notice that the release of light last for few minutes, depending a lot from the amount of paint applied on the surface.

Thermochromic paint
This special paint changes of color depending on the temperature variation. It allows to see color and grain lying underneath the paint.

Holographic paint
Holographic iridescent and color-changing paint. Available in 3 color and suggested on white and black background, allow to obtain 2-3 colour change. The maximum effect is on black curvy surfaces.

Craklé Paint
Impressive visual effect and tactile sensation that can give an aged leather look. Often adopted by interior designers, the craklé effect is availble in different color combinations.

Wrinkle paint
Our wrinkle paint is indicated for application on metal, glass and plastic. Professional paint for industry and artisanal works, automotive, nautical and mechanical industry.

Soft-touch paint
One of the most famous Cromas product. Unique feel with a complete matt look. Widely used in industry and furniture. Not suitable for outdoors.

Magnetic paint
The magnetic paint can transform any material into a ferromagnetic board. It can be applied on plastic, metal and wood. Any of those materials can attract magnets.

Fluorescent paint effect
Fluorescent paint, extremely brilliant fluo colors. Available in many trendy and fashion colors, the fluorescent paint is successfully applied in many contexts. Not suitable for outdoors.

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