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Vintage aged metal paint

Vintage metal paint effect

You can give any surface the beauty and the charm of antique metal, through our vintage style metal paint

Any surface can achieve the magic effect of an aged metal that immediately captures anyone’s attention. Our paint allows to achieve reproducible results of the vintage style that interior designers, architects, artisans love to apply to their works. This special coating can enrich the visual aspect of any kind of surface, wooden or metallic materials and add to them a new seductive power.
You can create and apply a very nice play of colors and chiaroscuro effect over furniture, interior design objects, automotive accessories and much more. Through the Cromas vintage style materic paint, you can achieve the preciousness of antique metal almost everywhere.
Vintage metal is a charming metallic finish that can be applied on chairs, tables and other furniture elements. This vintage style paint is ideal for contract projects and to make an area look vintage. The painting process reveals the layer lying underneath a surface so to catch its metallic properties and transfer them on the final result to get an elegant antiqued work.

Vintage metal paint colors

The antiqued metal paint is charaterized by bronzed shades of metals, with nice chiaroscuro effects. At the end of the painting process, you can achieve a non homogeneous colored surface, rich of burnished color variations, from bronze to steel, to antique brass.
Any surface, large or small, can get a vintage style look.
It is a professional paint, suitable for industrial and professional use.

We advice to see the full tutorial of the application of the vintage paints, is a fast video that explains the process step by step:

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