Brushed brass paint, true metallic effect

Brushed metallic paint

Brushed anodized metal paint effect

Our materic paint with brushed metal finish can transform any type of surface – wooden or metal – into one with the appearance of the brushed anodized metal.

After the painting process, you can give any material a totally new visual aspect. An effective work that architects and designers will appreciate since they will achieve a brushed metallic effect very close to the result of brushed aluminium process. The coating will add shine and metallic shades, and the striped visual appearance that you obtain in consequence of metal scraping process.

This materic paint has the power to really add new features. In fact, it allows to change the visual appearance of any material and to give it a new tactile sensation and texture. This way, it gains completely new aesthetic appearance and functionalities.

You can achieve such metallic shades features and brushed effect on any kind of surface. The brushed metal finish will appear as if the material was subject to a real galvanic treatment.

Just like the anodizing process applied on aluminium to make it brillant, durable and protected against external agents, so you can customize any surface thorught the application of the anodized metal paint effect. Moreover you can achieve excellent visual impact on surfaces that were anonyms before the coating process. You will really have the impression of seeing anodized metal.

Brushed metal effect available colors

Depending on the final aesthetic result you wish to achieve on objects and on the accessories you want to enrich through the application of this decorative paint effect, you can choose among some different colors:

  • brushed and striped metal brass
  • brushed anodized metal bronze
  • brushed antiqued metal bronze
  • brushed iron
  • brushed steel

Applications of the brushed metal finish

Our Research and Development Laboratory included some selected raw materials in the composition of our special materic paint in order to achieve a perfect shiny look and allow a homogenous coat application.

The paint can be applied on a variety of surfaces. The brushed metallic paint can be applied without problems also on circular shapes or tube frames. Suitable for medium and small size surfaces. Suitable both for external and internal works.

An interesting combination is the combination of the brushed paints both manually and mechanically with the epoxy resin for three-dimensional workings, with this in fact unique three-dimensional surfaces are obtained:

To better understand the potential of this technique, we invite you to view the following tutorial and the page dedicated to three-dimensional epoxy resin (link here).

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