Iridescent changing paint

Iridescent holographic paint, the color on the surface changes from different angles

Multicolor chameleon iridescent paint

Cromas’ iridescent paint is a unique product that allows you to obtain a multicolored surface, proposed in 3 different colors. This special paint presents a prismatic and chameleonic effect.

The colors proposed are:

Aurora AR.01 Purple AURORA :      shade from purple to green

Aurora AR.02 GREEN BUBBLES :       shade from green to orange

Aurora AR.03 NORTHERN LIGHTS :  shade from turquoise to blue

Application of the holographic paint, advice

The changing paint Aurora gives optimal results when applied on a black surface, the applications on white obtain a lighter effect. The holographic paint is suitable both for interior than exterior applications. The transparent finish can be matte or shiny, the shiny finish enhances the shades of color and the shininess, the matte one gives a more materic touch.

The application of Aurora paint is shown in this brief tutorial video:

The polychrome paint Aurora can be applied on different materials with a specific primer: wood, metal (iron, aluminum, brass, etc…), plastic materials (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…). The holographic paint is suitable for furniture and objects, spectacles, display cabinets, decorative accessories, lightning boating. The paint is fit to resist outdoor too.

Polychrome effect, charming on any surface

Round surfaces are the ones that create the highest effects of shades and iridescence. The effect is visible if the painted object is hit directly by the light and modifying the angle of the gaze.

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