Stone effect paint

Stone effect paint

Enriching surfaces and products of a natural stone effect

Stone finish and texture from the Istinti Materici Cromas catalog designed to capture the naturalness of polished stone and to give its unique texture and visual depth to industrial and handcraft products, furniture and design objects. The natural stone finish can be particularly indicated to embellish and customize projects of interior and contract design.

Highly decorative, the tactile sensation and warmth of the stone can be successfully applied to embellish an internal environment.

Applied to design concepts, the stone effect of the paint helps to create a warming and welcoming environment. At the same time, it provides a fine and minimalistic elegance. Apart from being able to bring the natural effect of the stone to furniture and accessories, our materic paint offers many different finishes and textures to customize any environment: Sand or Taupe, Smoked stone, Granite, volcano stone.

Application of the natural stone effect paint

The natural finish can be applied through the use of a primer on different kind of materials:

  • wood
  • metal
  • plastic

Suitable for small and large surfaces.

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