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Antique bronze paint

Aged bronze effect - oxidized bronze

Antique bronze effect paint

Transform any surface into antique oxidized bronze. By the way of a chemical oxidation process of the painted surface, you can get a paint color antique bronze, an opaque and non-homogeneous visual aspect and an extremely realistic texture.

The application of the oxidating solution, will give life to an antique bronze effect with green and rusty stain of irregular shape and size.
As a consequence of the antique bronze painting process, the final product that you obtain really becomes antique oxidized bronze, with all its shades of color.
The Cromas oxidized bronze effect paint contains miniaturized and superficially passivated bronze and iron particles that are subject to an oxidizing process right over the painted surface. As a consequence, you will achieve a completely real antique bronze paint effect.

The final result can be reached through the chemical oxidation action and the application of a hi-tech protective coat over the surface, with the aim to produce durable materials that look as a oxidized bronze effect.

Application of the antique bronze effect paint

Depending on the application method you can get a less or more uniform antique bronze surface. It depends on how the oxidizing solution is being applied.

If you want to achieve a top antiqued effect of aged bronze with a greatly realistic look, we advice to apply the paint over a vertical surface so that the reagent drops along the whole surface. The washout effect of the oxidizing agent will give the impression of bronze materials left to the weather action for years.

• Indoor application: our special aged bronze coat is suitable for products and surfaces placed indoors. Depending on the context, we can recommend the best protective clear coats as needed.

The bronze-colored oxidized paint effect can be applied thorugh the use of a primer coat over different materials:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, alluminium, brass etc..)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC etc)

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