Antique bronze paint

Antique bronze effect paint

A textured paint with real chemical oxidation of bronze and iron

This is an exclusive finish to realize a very realistic oxidized metal effect. It gives an eye-catching look and feel to any surface. Flakes of stabilized bronze and iron are part of the formulation of the paint. For this reason, they get oxidized soon after the application and give the impression of a really oxidated material.

This creative effect reaches a non homogenous color over the surface because the paint gets really oxidized during the treatement. As a result, it takes various shades of color: from verdigris to rust, to non-oxidized metal. This is because the paint contains stabilized bronze and iron particles that are oxidized after the paint has been spread.
So it is possible to produce unique surfaces at each application. The aspect is very similar to a metallic material that was exposed to bad weather conditions and became oxidized.

By the means of this finish, professional users of interior and contract design create works of art of unmatched beauty. At first sight it appears as to be looking at a geographical map.

It is recommended to apply the antique bronze effect paint with airbrush or mixed air pump.

After the application, it is advised to carry out superficial sanding.

In a few hours the oxidation will start to appear giving the impression the manufact has been oxidized after years of exposition to sun, rain, and other weather conditions.

At this step, a clear finish and finally an opaque finish can be applied. This treatment is advised to fix the effect and make the surface more durable.

The antique bronze effect paint is aimed at internal surfaces.

Professional users can adjust at their own taste the level of oxidation by giving more or less hands of oxidizing paint. The result may vary depending on the environment where the treatment is carried out.

If the paint is applied on horizontal supports, the oxidized metal effect will be more visible. The effect is less evident on vertical surfaces, but it is very appreciated by many interior designers for the natural effect produced.

Because the effect is so varied, the product is not suitable for surfaces to be matched. We advise to run some product testing before applying the paint within the productive process.

The oxidized bronze effect can be applied with a primer to:

  • wood
  • metal (iron, alluminium, brass etc..)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC etc)

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