Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic paint

Thermochromic paint

The thermochromic paint changes of color depending on the temperature

We introduce here our special paint for professional use also known as temperature changing paint or color changing paint.

Our thermochromic paint is a thermo sensitive coat that allows to give a unique feature to surfaces: a total new visual appearance as the temperature changes. The body contact leaves a temporary sign on the surface.
This paint was once used for security purposes, while it has become a decoration applied in interior design, design objects, handles, switches, lighting, household objects, doors, tables, etc
This paint is not suitable for outdoor use.

One of the main features: color changing paint

The success of this product is due to its ease of application: coloured at room temperature – 25-29°C – the paint becomes transparent as it gets in contact with body or heating. The heating process allows to reveal background color or texture. For example, black color perfectly covers a surface as far as you touch it: then you can see the wood veins lying underneath.

An example of our temperature changing paint

We can ensure best performance also with water, light and resistors. For example, a glass lavatory covered by our thermochromic paint is subject to surprising colors variations as you open cold water or hot water. You can notice fine results on coffee cups, coffee machines, motorcycle helmets, humidifiers for pellet stoves or radiators etc

Versions of thermochromic paint

We produce easy to apply thermochromic paints. The following to versions of the paint are available:

  • Solvent-based coating: it is indicated for professional use, where it is required a quality paint with high coverage power and matt appearance. Suitable for further clear coat application over it. Good results also on large fast drying surfaces.
  • Water-based and durable paint for applications through spray or roller. It is the ideal solution for use in those situations where it isn’t possible to use a solvent-based coating. This version of the painting is suitable also for applications on walls and indoor surfaces.

Colour changing paint

We can provide the following range of colour changing paint:

  • BLACK – activation temperature range: 26-29° C
  • RED – activation temperature range: 26-31° C
  • LIGHT BLUE – activation temperature range: 24-30 °C

Temperature changing paint

Color alteration is as instantaneous as temperature variation. The color changing activation temperature can be altered depending on the material the painted object is made of. As an example, wood surfaces get warmer faster than an iron statue, since this is cooler.
Changing color is continuously reversible because it is subject to temperature variations.

Be advised that high heat conductor materials can get warmer faster as you touch it with your hands. That means they are very thermo sensitive, so the changing color action works very well on surfaces made by those materials.

Application of thermochromic paint

Using our quality and professional products, one or two coats are enough to assure a good coverage.

For best results, we recomment to use the Cromas thermochromic paint indoor. Lower performance has been registered outdoors, even if using further anti-UV coats.

The use of the Cromas thermochromic paint is suitable on a wide range of objects that require a high covering power such as glasses, scissors, etc. Our Research and Development Laboratory has developped a special version of this special coat and included some specific resins that allow high covering power, high resistance and avoid dripping during application.

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