Concrete effect paint: true cement texture and color

Concrete Effect Paint

Realistic Concrete And Micro Cement Effect Paints

The Concrete effect paint is one of the best known products from Cromas Paints. It is part of a group of paint effects that are used in the design of furniture, decorative objects, and wall surfaces. The key characteristic of this effect is the very realistic look and feel when compared to real poured concrete. Cromas developed this concrete paint by mixing special microspheres with natural materials to mimic the colours and texture of real cement but in a lightweight and very thin application.

The Cromas Concrete effect paints inlcude:


A highly durable textured surface that features a water-based resin. The concrete looks and feels like real cement but with a softer feel. The mixture is easy to apply by spatula or with a sprayer and can be made in many decorative colours.


The Smooth Concrete offers a smoother feel with less texture and can be made in many decorative colours. The water-baed mixture is easy to apply by spatula or with a sprayer.


The M-Cement is a solvent-based paint effect that can be sprayed on furniture, decorative items and larger surfaces made from wood and metal. The realistic looking cement effect has a texture that is smoother than the Raw Concrete effect. This effect allows the user to apply a solvent-based cycle for maximum resistance.

Application Of The Concrete Effect Paint With Spray Gun And Trowel

The application of the concrete paint effect by spray gun or trowel results in two different textures and finishes – both are beautiful to see and feel.

Applicaction With Trowel

When the concrete paint is applied with a trowel, the result looks and feels like a typical cement surface. However, the surface is more smooth due to the natural microspheres in the paint mixture. The surface between the two concrete layers is sanded to make a smoother surface but with a nice texture and realistic concrete colour.

Application With Spray Gun

Like other sprayed materials, the sprayed concrete covers the surface evenly with a nice pattern of texture. This is an idea solution for curved or complex surfaces. When the Raw Concrete and M-Cement paints are sprayed, they do not look like a regular paints because these mixtures contain sand, quartz and other materials to give the finished surface the appearance and feel of real concrete. This uniform texture can be made smoother by sanding the dried concrete layers.

Application Cycle  For Concrete Effect Paints

The application cycle for the different versions of the concrete effect paints are similar to the following steps and can be applied on wood, metal and other surfaces.

  • Application of the Primer

The primer is applied to give the paints adhesion to the surface. This includes raw wood and wood with a sanding sealer. Metal and plastic materials use a specific primer. For application with a trowel, we use a textured primer to create an even surface.

  • Application of the Concrete Base

The application of the sprayed concrete can usually be completed in one cross-coat layer. The application with a trowel requires two layers with sanding between each layer.

  • Sanding

Depending on how you want the final concrete finish to look and feel, you will sand the surface with a rough or smooth grit sandpaper. More sanding will make the surface smoother and vice versa.

  • Aged, Urban or Modern Concrete Effect

You can make the concrete look Aged by using our unique U-Sheet paper to apply an old look to the surface.

  • Application of the Transparent Topcoat

The standard Matt topcoat will protect, seal, and give resistance to the finished surface. We also have a Glossy topcoat depending on your desired look.

Create 3D textured and Decorative Concrete Effects

To create 3D decorative effects with our concrete effect paints is a simple process with our 3D Epoxy Paint. Just apply the 3D epoxy in any shape or pattern you want and when it is dried spray our concrete effect on the surface for a one-of-a-kind decorative solution.

You can also use the 3D Epoxy Paint to create the effect where it looks like the walls were formed by concrete panels. The result is the look of real poured cement with forms to make the walls. When the forms are taken down, they leave the form pattern on the wall. To make a similar effect, apply the 3D Epoxy Paint on the wall, press in your wood forms to make a textured stamp and when it is dry, spray with our concrete effect paint for a unique wall design.

There are many possible uses for the 3D Epoxy Paint because it can be applied on many horizontal and vertical surfaces without sagging. Finish the surface with any of our beautiful special effect paints and you will have a one-of-a-kind decorative solution. Visit this webpage for more information.!

Concrete Effect Paint Colours

The colour of the concrete base paint is a medium grey due to the natural microspheres in the formula. This colour is very close to the colour of regular poured concrete. To allow the user to make many other colours, Cromas has a line of EasyShade tinting colours. These ready to mix tints can make a variety of colours and they can be mixed together to make a custom colour. Because the tinting colours are natural, it is not possible to make every colour.

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