Soft touch spray paint

Rubber paint

Rubber paint, velvet soft touch effect

Our anti-reflective opaque finish gives an exclusive, soft and velvet-touch texture to surfaces. Just a few microns of paint are enough to achieve the rubber effect. It is a professional solvent-based bi-component formulation, suitable for use on internal surfaces only. The Cromas rubber paint can be applied to finish fine interior design projects and furniture. Manufactures can be painted by the use of specific engines and eventually cured in the oven.

The pearly finish is transparent, so it can be applied to enhance the visual aspect of colored bases. Also, Cromas provides a specific base for application on wood fillers with the advantage that the natural grain of the wood can be seen and the surface is empowered of a soft touch sensation.

The rubbery paint developed by Cromas embellishes a variety of items such as: design objects and furniture, interior design projects, lamps, handles, motorcycle helmets, doorknobs, buttons, electronic instruments.

The finish is flexible and elastic, so it can be applied on several flexible items.

The application is easy and fast. The curing can be made either in the oven or at room temperature. If applied at room temperature, a whole day is necessary to completely dry. The curing environment must not be too cold.

Such paint is composed by a polyurethanic bi-component formulation with a very opaque finish (about 1 gloss at 60°). This is one of the historical products developed by Cromas that has successfully passed testing. It is also known for resistance and high quality. The rubber paint should be applied on internal surfaces only because the raw materials that make up the formulation have low resistance to UV rays.

The soft touch rubber paint can be applied through the use of a primer to

  • wood
  • metal (iron, aluminium, brass etc…)
  • plastic (ABS, ABS-PC, etc…)

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