Soft touch paint, a rubbery soft to the touch effect

Rubbery Soft Touch Paint

Rubbery Soft EROS paint, Soft Touch Effect Paint

The Cromas EROS or soft touch paint is a professional paint effect that gives many types of surfaces a wonderful soft, smooth and rubber like feel with only about 30-40 microns paint sprayed on the surface. As a bonus, this paint is also flexible and elastic.

The surfaces treated with this transparent paint are characterized by a soft and very matt surface. EROS is a transparent topcoat, so the paint will feel rubber like, but you can see the surface texture or the painted surface.

This polyurethane paint is for indoor use only because the materials in the formula have a low UV resistance. However, objects sprayed with this paint can go outdoors, but they should be not be outside all the time. An example is a motorcycle helmet, it goes outside, but normally stays inside.

EROS is a professional solvent-based bi-component paint effect that is very durable for many surfaces. It is an optimal choice for application on wood, metal, and many plastic surfaces. Applications include wall and object decoration, furniture, lighting fixtures, commercial products, medical objects, electronics, and more.

This paint needs a bi-component primer and that can be any RAL colour or a transparent primer so you can see the texture of the surface or the painted colour.

The uses for this type of rubbery soft paint are countless. It can sprayed on furniture and furniture accessories, lamps, helmets, knobs, buttons, and electronic, medical, and commercial objects and products. If the surface is flexible, the EROS paint will flex with the surface.

For applicaiton on furniture, this paint is highly appreciated for its high level of resistance and the ability to air dry at room temperature.

The application is fast and simple in one wet cross-coat layer. The drying process can be either in a oven or at room temperature. For room termperature drying, it is suggested to let the piece dry for at least 24 hours in a warm area. The drying in the oven will generally allow the surface to be more chemically resistant and durable.

The base for the EROS is a bi-component polyurethane resin and it is very matt (about 1 Gloss at 60°). EROS is a well-tested and very popular paint known for its quality and resistance. This paint is made for interior use only due to the low UV resistance of the resin.

One of the most common uses for this product is the painting of plastics (ABS, ABS-PC) and metal. This is because these surfaces can be dried in the oven. For ABS plastics, this paint can be sprayed directly on the surface without a primer.

As a review:

The main characteristics of the EROS soft touch paint include:

  • Very soft and velvety touch
  • High level of resistance and flexibility
  • Ability to be oven dried or air dried at room temperature
  • Direct spraying on ABS and ABS-PC plastics
  • Transparent finish to see the surface texture or the painted surface

Common working industries using this product:

  • Production line work in commercial and industrial businesses
  • Production of furniture and accessories

The paint effect can be applied on these surfaces with a primer:

  • Wood
  • Metal (iron, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • Plastics (ABS, ABS-PC, etc.)

 How To Apply The Soft Touch Paint

This application tutorial reviews the painting process seen in the above video. The paint cycle is very easy and inlcudes only a primer and the EROS topcoat.

Basic Requirements For The Applicaiton Of The Soft Touch Paint:

  • Spray cabin or booth to spray solvent-based paints, a gravity feed spray gun with a spray tip from 1.2 to 1.8 mm
  • Materials suitable for painting

Important Application Notes

  • We suggest that if you have not used the EROS paint before, do an application test on a sample surface that is not your finished surface
  • For industrial or commercial applications, contact our office for support.

 Which Surfaces Can Be Painted

  • Metal and Aluminium surfaces – it is necessary to first apply a material specific primer. Before beginning the process, sand the surface to be smooth and clean with a paint thinner to degrease the surface.
  • Plastic surfaces – it is possible to spray the soft touch directly on ABS and ABS-PC materials. If the plastic must be in a specific colour, it is necessary to apply a coloured primer first. The paint can not be applied on PP or similar plastics. For questions about other surface materials contact our office.

How To Apply The EROS Soft Touch Paint

  • The paint is applied with a spray gun or spray pump
  • The suggested spray tip is 1.2 to 1.8 mm and is based on the size of the surface to be sprayed
  • The air pressure should be 3 to 4 Atm
  • The paint is a bi-component solvent-based polyurethane that is mixed with 20% paint hardener and 40% paint thinner. Mixing is by weight.
  • A topcoat can not be applied on this finish
  • The EROS paint is applied in one wet cross-coat layer
  • When using oven drying, it is suggested to let the surface rest for about 10 minutes at room temperature to allow the surface to cure

It is important to apply the EROS paint in one wet and even cross-coat layer. This is to achieve the correct thickness and uniform look to the surface.

How To Dry The Rubbery Soft Paint

  • Drying can be done in the oven or at room temperature
  • Oven drying is quicker and is generally more resistant as with almost all paints
  • Drying at room temperature takes more time but this allows many different surfaces to be painted that can not go in the oven like some wood and plastics
  • Drying at room temperature requires about 24 hours. If the room is cold or not heated in the winter, the time can increase

How To Store the Soft Touch Paint

  • After the soft touch product from Cromas is produced, it is filtered, packaged, and stored in our temperature-controlled It is important that the stored paint does not go below 5°C and even during tranport
  • If the paint is cold, it is possible to slowly heat the can to 30 to 35°C, then filter before application


This information is based on our detailed research and testing experience. We suggest you follow the directions on the technical data sheet and complete an application test to understand the application process to achieve the best results.

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